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Feb. 3rd, 2013 11:42 pm
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So, on my resolutions list, I told myself I was going to get a job this year. Well I did! As it happened, I got the flu and the job at about the same time. So my boss (also my roommate's mother) brought over paperwork for me to sign and fill out. She knew I had the flu pretty bad so it wasn't a super rush for me to get it all done. By the time I did, I was all better except for a cough that has since gone away. My first official day of work was January 25th but I didn't really do much until Tuesday. On Monday both my roommate and I went in but we mostly ended up doing paperwork in the back. It wasn't until Tuesday that I started doing things up front and such. It's not second nature to me yet but it's getting there. The rule of thumb is anytime I don't know an answer, I transfer it to a tax preparer and get them to answer the question because I'm just the receptionist. 

This past week I worked Monday - Friday, usually from 3pm to 9pm. I don't think with any of the jobs I've had, I ever worked 5 days in a row. My roommate helps out her mom with tax season so she took the weekend shift so I could actually have a couple days off. Mom came into town yesterday and brought me more stuff, especially some yarn because I was running out and didn't have some of the yarn I'm used to always having. I swear the hardest thing about work has been not having time to knit like I'm used to. I really need to start getting up by 10 at the latest on the days I work at 3pm to give me some time to knit before work because half the time when I get home I'm too tired to do anything. Twice a week my roommate and I split the shifts and I just know pretty soon she's going to ask me to take the 9am to 3pm shift. That's going to be fun.

January went by so fast that I wasn't able to do much of what I wanted to do. Naturally it didn't help that I got sick but still. I didn't finish writing the chapter a month I was supposed to do or even start reading a book until today. Ah well. Maybe I can double up during February or March. 

Date: 2013-02-04 03:57 pm (UTC)
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Man, I wish the worst I had to worry about at work was working five six hour shifts in a row. :( Wait til you find a job that wants you to do five eight hour shifts! Or, in my case, four ten hour shifts. Or three twelve hour shifts. Or nearly two weeks in a row. (Okay, I've done like ten days in a row before, but they were all long days.)

On the other hand: yay, congrats on getting a job! \o/

I didn't get anything done in January either. The worlds clearly hates us both. :(


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