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 It's almost September and I can't wait! After two years in this hell of a house we are finally getting the hell out of here. Today (Friday since I haven't slept yet) marks two weeks to Moving Day and three weeks to Kitteh Day.

Okay let's back up. Six months ago in February I got a job working at a data analyzing company. This job is the first job I've ever had that has paid me more than minimum wage. Sometimes I miss my job at Joanns but I love the job I have now. It's pretty easy and I enjoy most of the people I work with. All of my bosses are really nice. Some of the boys are cute and that is hard sometimes because I don't really have any way outside of work to meet new people. But. February. I got my job working at Retail Data and my brother started working for Capital One as a contractor. When I started, Retail Data was trying to get a contract from Walmart for a program they were looking to launch. A month later in March we got the contract. That meant we had to hire a ton of new people and train them. In the first set of people hired, one of them was my roommate Andrew.

After a few months, he and I both got hired on by Retail Data. Originally we had started through a temp agency called Office Team. When we got hired by Retail Data our pay went up a little which was nice. Sometimes I do miss getting paid weekly. We, the three of us, can't stand being around Leyna anymore and started looking for a house. I was hoping we would be able to move in April. It took a few months of looking at houses and even walking through a few to find one. One of the problems we needed to solve before we could really get a house was we needed at least a second car. So in May, I bought myself a blue 2005 Honda Civic. I've named her Aqua. The house we're moving into we actually got pretty fast. There's one thing about my car: We were in such a rush to get me a car that we didn't take the time to go to West Broad Honda and look at their used car. We got mine from an auto auction. My brother thought it was a direct sale, not the as is sale it was. That meant there was likely to be problems with it.

Oh yeah there was. I had to fix a head gasket in the engine for the nice sum of $1,450. I had already replaced all the hoses leading to and from the radiator because it was overheating. After the head gasket got fixed it was still overheating. It turns out they had put one piece back incorrectly and it was allowing coolant to get by. Thankfully Honda fixed this for no charge and I got my car back. That was last week. So far, it seems to run like a Civic should now. I am praying there is nothing else. But right after I had paid for the head gasket to be fixed, we signed the lease for the house. I literally had to try and live on $50 for two weeks. I barely managed it. I still owe my parents and brother some money but they have promised me I can pay them back as I can.

We actaually get the keys to the house next Saturday. But we told our landlord we would paint. So we're all going to spend a week doing that. As long as we can get the bedrooms and living room done by the next weekend, it will be okay. I've taken off two days for moving so I will have a solid block of Friday-Tuesday off since I work a four day schedule of Sun, Mon, Wed and Thurs. Anything that needs to be gone through/set up after that can be done on my days off. I know it will take awhile to get the house set up. The week after we move Mom will be coming into town. That is what Kitteh Day is. For the two years I've been here, I haven't been able to have my precious little kitteh with me. Mom's been taking care of her. Justin and I paid the pet deposit and will pay the extra $25 per month so he can have his Fat Dragon and I have my Selena.

Here she is in all of her adorableness:

I absolutely can't wait. There's something else. I found this journal/sticky note organization method. I want to start it come September. I view Halloween/Samhain as the beginning of a new year since I live by the Witch's calendar but September is starting a new chapter of my life. There are a few things I stopped doing after I moved here and I want to get back into them. The first is my worship of the Greek gods and being a good Pagan. I haven't had an alter set up in a long time. The second is journaling. Sure, I'd make a post here and there and mostly about my knitting. I used to regilously update my journal when I had Livejournal. I'm not saying I'm going back to LJ - I just want to talk about my day or what I'm thinking about somewhere. It might be here or in a journal I keep in my purse at all times. Something like that. This is the perfect time to start doing that.

Well. It is 5am and I need to get to sleep. I've probably completely messed my sleep up this weekend. Again. Sigh.


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