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 My life sure has changed since the last time I really used this journal. I no longer live with either of my brothers. Instead I live in an apartment with one of my friends who found a job here after graduating college last May. Work has gone from kind of sucky sometimes to almost breaking down every other day because I hate my boss so much. But no one is allowed to switch from the teams we are on. I've talked to his boss about how he treats me so we will see if things improve. He doesn't talk to me like a teammate. He talks to me like he doesn't respect me. I have finished updating my resume and need to start submitting it to other places. 

In a lot happier news, I went to a convention last November and made a bunch of new friends. One of them lives only a half an hour away from me. We have plans to do a bunch of cosplays together. I went over to her place on Sunday and we got a bunch of work done. Well, she did. I got some work done. But I am able to get things pinned and prepped for being worked on. Or I can work on things that don't require my machine. Such as something that needs yarn instead of fabric. 

I am still working on my very basic sewing skills. It takes me forever to do anything because I am nervous about it. I keep forgetting how much practice I have had with my knitting. It's going to take me a long time to feel good about my sewing skills. But I know the way to do that is to keep moving forward.  My mother toldied me last night that she has a bunch of fabric she no longer wants. I told her I wanted it. Any free fabric will be great to practice on, especially for cosplays. I almost need to make a mock up of everything that I need for a cosplays just to be sure I can do it. That's going to take a lot of fabric, I think. I also had another idea that I think will help me a lot. I have tons of patterns for tops and skirts especially but some pants patterns too. Instead of buying my clothes I'm just going to make them. There will be some things I can't make and I'll still buy them but this may be cheaper in the long run, especially when I can get fabric on sale.

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October 2016

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January 2016
1: New Years Day
1: Portgas D. Ace
8: Labrador aka Profe
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February 2016
2: Imbolc
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March 2016
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May 2016
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5: Monkey D. Luffy
8: Taurus Aldebaran
19: Taichi Yagami
30: Gemini Saga/Kanon

June 2016
1: TdS begins!
9: Hikaru/Kaoru Hitachiin
17-19: Anime Mid Atlantic
21: Litha
24: Cancer Deathmask

July 2016
3: Neji Hyuuga
3: Nami
7: Kiba Inuzuka
8: Jou Kido
10: Suzaku Kururugi
23: Sasuke Uchiha

August 2016
1: Rachel
1: Lammas
1: Original Digidestined defeated Myotismon
2: Tsunade
6: Alli
15: Phoenix Ikki
16: Leo Aiolia
17: Frau aka Zehel
23: Temari

September 2016
9: Andromeda Shun
15: Xandra
15: Kakashi Hatake
19: Virgo Shaka
21: Cho Hakkai
22: Shikamaru Nara
22: Mabon

October 2016
4: Morgan
4: Dragon Shiryu
10: Sora Takenouchi
10: Naruto Uzumaki
15: Hakuren Oak
20: Libra Dohko
31: Samhain

November 2016
4-6: Nekocon
6: Takeru Takaishi
8: Riku
8: Scorpio Milo
9: Sha Gojyo
11: Roronoa Zoro
22: Kyoya Ootori
29: Genjo Sanzo
30: Sagittarius Aiolos

December 2016
1: Teito Klein
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5: Lelouch vi Britannia
16: Koushiro Izumi
21: Yule
24: Castor aka Fest
24: Chopper
27: Hinata Hyuuga

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