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 At the end of November, one of my Richmond friends had this great idea, her mom works for this well known company that does people's taxes. During tax season they usually need someone to do the front desk/answer the phone. Why don't you do it? she asked me and I really didn't have much of an answer. Within less than 24 hours, I was asking her if she would talk to her mother about the possible job. It hasn't gone anywhere after that.

When she first told me, my first instinct was "I haven't ever been away from home that long" and "The most I've ever left my cat alone was 3 weeks". I talked to Mom and she told me to sit down and do the pros and cons of this possible job. The two cons I listed were the only ones that ever came to mind. I need to get over myself about home because I can't and don't want to live with my mother forever. One day, home will be an apartment, hopefully in Richmond. So to have a chance to get a job and make some connections there now would be wonderful. I still have friends there, friends who aren't childish like the ones here and both of my brothers live there.

I haven't talked about the job to anyone much besides my mother and my best friend. I haven't even told my brother that his roommate suggested this. If it does go through, I'd be living with him for four months. It's not like I'd be on a couch. Leyna, the friend, has one more bedroom in the house my brother is living in with her so I'd have my own room, my own bed. The main reason I haven't talked to anyone about it is the last time I thought I had a job, it turned out to be total crap and I don't want to get my hopes up again. I know that getting a job is the first step to getting out of this endless cycle I've found myself in. 

Mom and I talked more about stuff today and the subject of cars and jobs and money came up. She said something I'd been trying to not think of but knew it to be true. "If you get the job in Richmond, it could lead to other jobs." And she's right. If that does happen, I might as well be living in Richmond because I'd be there almost full time. What that's making me realize is that I need at lease my license right now. It's one thing to not have the money for a car in Richmond because once I have a somewhat-steady job, I can get one. But I can't do anything with a car without my license. 

And I'm trying really hard to not let my brain plan out all these what-ifs because yes, I want it to happen but I won't know if it will until it does.
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 Each year I try to take a look at how much stash I have an attempt a stashdown where I can only buy new skeins of yarn for planned projects and I must use up a higher yardage each month than the yardage I've added. Last year was my first attempt at this and while I don't think it failed, I lost interest and didn't continue keeping track. I'd really like to keep track this year. At the end of each month, there may be a post with my specs of the yardage used (and what on).

2013 starting yardage: 84,440
Things that don't count
  • Gifts
  • Yarn bought with giftcards
Many knitters I know joke around that sock yarn doesn't count in a stash, including myself. When I do stash numbers though, it does. If only because it also takes up valuable space. That's something else. Right now my stash is spread out through a large cedar chest, two large bins, two smaller bins, and two drawers underneath my bed. The goal is to use what is in the cedar chest and then reorganize everything. That should give me access to one of my smaller bins for gifts and access to a larger one for etsy stock.

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May 3, 2013: Iron Man 3
November 8, 2013: Thor: The Dark World
April 4, 2014: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
May 2015: Avengers 2

I can't think of anymore currently but I know there will be more eventually. Man, I'm so glad I get Thor 2 next year because if I had to wait over a year for it, I don't know what I'd do. 
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For my sanity, I'm going to use this journal in part to track the plotting for my knitting projects. Any links, unless otherwise stated, will link back to Raverly, which needs a login to view. I will be happy to provide pictures of what I'll be making if asked. 


Snapdragon Flop Tops (Muggle Studies)
Roxas Original DS Bag (Potions)
Little Doll Design (DADA)
Loki Amigurumi (Ancient Runes)
Thor Amigurumi (Quidditch)
Hat Trial (Quidditch)
Laminaria (Detention)

Nerd Wars
Serpentine Mitts (Nerd Culture)

To Fit in:
SKA Mystery Sock
SKA Afshari Socks

Link to my Prompt Spreadsheet is here.

Hallo~ :3

Nov. 1st, 2012 08:41 am
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It's been a long time since I've used a journal, though I was on LJ for years. I just.. I don't know, lost interest and had a lack of things to say. I don't know that I have all that much to say except I want this one to be more where I can keep track of my knitting and writing. If there's important things going on, I'll probably post about them here too but I don't think it'll be often.

I tag extensively. XD Every entry will be tagged and there will be a sub-tag. Knitting planning posts will be knitting [planning] and the progress pictures will be knitting [wip]. There will be tags for crochet the same way. Obviously I can't think of all the tags I'd use so I'm not going to list them here.

I love making friends so please, leave me a comment or send me a note! If you friend me on one of the other sites I have listed in my profile, let me know where you found me from, kay?


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October 2016

9101112 131415

Important Dates

January 2016
1: New Years Day
1: Portgas D. Ace
8: Labrador aka Profe
12: Capricorn Shura
16: Hikari Yagami
19: Gaara

February 2016
2: Imbolc
4: Haruhi Fujioka
6: Nico Robin
7: Aquarius Camus
17: Kraken Isaac
23: Cygnus Hyoga
28: Mimi Tachikawa
29: Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey Sempai)

March 2016
2: Sanji
3: Mikage
10: Pisces Aphrodite
17: St Patrick's Day
20: Ostara
20: Sabo
27: Aries Mu
28: Sakura Haruno

April 2016
1: Usopp
1: Aries Kiki
5: Son Goku
8: Geni
8: Tamaki Suoh
9: Franky
11: Yamato Ishida

May 2016
1: Beltane
5: Selena
5: Takashi Morinouka (Mori Sempai)
5: Monkey D. Luffy
8: Taurus Aldebaran
19: Taichi Yagami
30: Gemini Saga/Kanon

June 2016
1: TdS begins!
9: Hikaru/Kaoru Hitachiin
17-19: Anime Mid Atlantic
21: Litha
24: Cancer Deathmask

July 2016
3: Neji Hyuuga
3: Nami
7: Kiba Inuzuka
8: Jou Kido
10: Suzaku Kururugi
23: Sasuke Uchiha

August 2016
1: Rachel
1: Lammas
1: Original Digidestined defeated Myotismon
2: Tsunade
6: Alli
15: Phoenix Ikki
16: Leo Aiolia
17: Frau aka Zehel
23: Temari

September 2016
9: Andromeda Shun
15: Xandra
15: Kakashi Hatake
19: Virgo Shaka
21: Cho Hakkai
22: Shikamaru Nara
22: Mabon

October 2016
4: Morgan
4: Dragon Shiryu
10: Sora Takenouchi
10: Naruto Uzumaki
15: Hakuren Oak
20: Libra Dohko
31: Samhain

November 2016
4-6: Nekocon
6: Takeru Takaishi
8: Riku
8: Scorpio Milo
9: Sha Gojyo
11: Roronoa Zoro
22: Kyoya Ootori
29: Genjo Sanzo
30: Sagittarius Aiolos

December 2016
1: Teito Klein
1: Pegasus Seiya
5: Lelouch vi Britannia
16: Koushiro Izumi
21: Yule
24: Castor aka Fest
24: Chopper
27: Hinata Hyuuga


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