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NaNoWriMo is approaching and will be here in less than a month. I've toyed with the idea of trying it again. My muse hasn't been able to focus on one story or even commit to an opening of any story I start. Maybe NaNoWriMo is the push I need. I have several ideas and I'm not sure if I should try to do just one or multiple stories. These are the ideas I have, with Crimson Shadows being the only non-fanfiction story.

Amid the Falling Snow - Hyoga/OC Fanfiction. Everyone knows that Camus trained Hyoga and Issac. What only a few know is that he had a third student - a girl by the name of Lina. Her talent with the ice surpassed both Hyoga and Issac but Camus would not let her be in line for Cygnus. She was talented with ice but feared her own power. Despite this, she became a sister to them in the same way Hyoga and Issac were brothers. There was a chance for her to be more to Hyoga, the one she was closest to but after Issac died, she vanished. Years later, the Bronze Saints are sent on a recon mission in Russia and Hyoga finds a woman chained and bound in a frozen cell. To his surprise it is Lina.

In the Light of Hope - Takeru/Hikari Fanfiction. No ideas for plot but set in Digimon Tri time. Takeru and Hikari are in high school, the older kids are in college. Note: Yamato and Takeru are 4 years apart in age.

Crimson Shadows - Michael/Cecilia. Cecilia is a spy, known for being too good at what she does. In a different time, a different life she lived in the light. After 12 years, she returns to her hometown under the name of Amber Scorpio. It isn't until she sees Michael Hamilton again that she begins to live again.

Destiny of the Stars - Shaka/OC Fanfiction. Risa was sold to Death Queen Island at the age of 4 and spent her life as a slave. She was always different from the other girls, surrendering to their fate. She believed, stronger than she knew why, that her fate was not to be a slave for all of her life. When the Phoenix rose, she took it as a sign. Her captors had beat her for years for trying to escape. It had been years since her last escape. She knew that perhaps, this time, she would make it. They would chase her but she had a destination this time: Greece and the home of Athena's Saints. There, just maybe, she would find a place to call home.


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October 2016

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Important Dates

January 2016
1: New Years Day
1: Portgas D. Ace
8: Labrador aka Profe
12: Capricorn Shura
16: Hikari Yagami
19: Gaara

February 2016
2: Imbolc
4: Haruhi Fujioka
6: Nico Robin
7: Aquarius Camus
17: Kraken Isaac
23: Cygnus Hyoga
28: Mimi Tachikawa
29: Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey Sempai)

March 2016
2: Sanji
3: Mikage
10: Pisces Aphrodite
17: St Patrick's Day
20: Ostara
20: Sabo
27: Aries Mu
28: Sakura Haruno

April 2016
1: Usopp
1: Aries Kiki
5: Son Goku
8: Geni
8: Tamaki Suoh
9: Franky
11: Yamato Ishida

May 2016
1: Beltane
5: Selena
5: Takashi Morinouka (Mori Sempai)
5: Monkey D. Luffy
8: Taurus Aldebaran
19: Taichi Yagami
30: Gemini Saga/Kanon

June 2016
1: TdS begins!
9: Hikaru/Kaoru Hitachiin
17-19: Anime Mid Atlantic
21: Litha
24: Cancer Deathmask

July 2016
3: Neji Hyuuga
3: Nami
7: Kiba Inuzuka
8: Jou Kido
10: Suzaku Kururugi
23: Sasuke Uchiha

August 2016
1: Rachel
1: Lammas
1: Original Digidestined defeated Myotismon
2: Tsunade
6: Alli
15: Phoenix Ikki
16: Leo Aiolia
17: Frau aka Zehel
23: Temari

September 2016
9: Andromeda Shun
15: Xandra
15: Kakashi Hatake
19: Virgo Shaka
21: Cho Hakkai
22: Shikamaru Nara
22: Mabon

October 2016
4: Morgan
4: Dragon Shiryu
10: Sora Takenouchi
10: Naruto Uzumaki
15: Hakuren Oak
20: Libra Dohko
31: Samhain

November 2016
4-6: Nekocon
6: Takeru Takaishi
8: Riku
8: Scorpio Milo
9: Sha Gojyo
11: Roronoa Zoro
22: Kyoya Ootori
29: Genjo Sanzo
30: Sagittarius Aiolos

December 2016
1: Teito Klein
1: Pegasus Seiya
5: Lelouch vi Britannia
16: Koushiro Izumi
21: Yule
24: Castor aka Fest
24: Chopper
27: Hinata Hyuuga

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