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  Series Title: Saint Seiya One Shots or Who The Hell Came Up With This Crap
Chapter Title: 
Chapters: 1/?
Pairing(s): Milo/Camus, Shaka/Risa, Mu/Hana, Aiolos/Saga, Deathmask/Aphrodite, etc.
Fandom: Saint Seiya
AO3 Link: 

The characters of Saint Seiya dealing with everyday things.


1. Changing a car light (Milo)
2. Buying cell phones
3. Multiplayer Video Games
4. Grocery shopping
5. Working retail
6. Sleepovers
7. Single parent moments (Mu feat. Kiki)
8. Sick (Milo, keeping a high fever a secret from Camus)
9. Insurance companies (Milo)
10. Drinking problems (Deathmask)
11. Clothes shopping (Aphrodite)
12. Movie night
13. Decorating for Halloween
14. Decorating for Christmas
15. Cold showers

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As always I'm going to make as many Yule gifts as possible.

Alex: Sanji figure done
Mom: Purple scarf
Dad: Trader Joes $$
Jim: Amazon $$
Justin: Elbow length mitts - 12" long; 6.5" wrist; 11.5" forearm
Josh: Amazon $$
Tanya: Trader Joes $$
Allison: TBD
James: TBD
Nova: Milo scarf done
Kyle: Sunset scarf
Riku: Milo scarf
Amanda: Socks
Alli: Pink scarf
Denise: Ed & Roy figures done
Abby: Yuri on Ice pins done
Rae: Espeon plush
Yas: Grey scarf done
Cotton: Project bag
Camden: Black scarf done 
Kaity: Blue scarf done
Byron: Red scarf
Maggie: Ravens blanket
Andrew: Disgaea mug done
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I love finding birthdays for fictional characters I love. I hadn't thought about it until now but there is a list of birthdays for all the characters of Fire Emblem: Fates. The list originally had only the Japanese names but I'm working my way through to add the names from the English version. 

Happy birthday Siegbert!

Birthdays for Fire Emblem Fates
Avatar - Whatever day you decide
GreyAsugi - January 1st

Fuuga - January 8th

Arthur - January 14th

Luna/Selena - January 21st

Eponine - January 31st

Rinkah - February 5th

Subaki - February 7th

Nyx - February 17th

Felicia & Flora - February 19th

Belka - February 26th

Azura - March 3rd

Foleo/Forrest - March 13th

Elise - March 19th

Benoit - March 24tn

Hana - March 28th

Shara - April 1st

Sakura - April 9th

Effie - April 13th

Kanna - April 19th

Zero/Niles - April 22nd

Yukimura - April 28th

Ryoma - May 1st

Charlotte - May 4th

Hinata - May 10th

Midoriko - May 17th

Setsuna - May 20th

Siegbert - May 28th

Shigure - June 6th

Anna - June 10th

Gunther - June 13th

Orochi - June 19th

Mitama - June 26th

Leon - June 30th

Kisaragi - July 4th

Matoi - July 6th

Nishiki/Kaden - July 12th

Odin - July 15th

Sophie - July 21st

Kagerou - July 26th

Crimson/Scarlet - August 3rd

Lazward - August 7th

Ignis - August 16th

Hinoka - August 18th

Shinonome - August 22nd

Soleil - August 31st

Lutz - September 5th

Asama - September 9th

Ophelia - September 15th

Tsukuyomi - September 19th

Hisame - September 27th

Kaze & Saizou - October 2nd

Mozume - October 6th

Velour - October 11th

Kinu - October 20th

Xander - October 27th

Flannel/Keaton - October 30th

Silas - November 1st

Yuugiri - November 7th

Deere - November 16th

Oboro - November 28th

Camilla - November 30th

Jakob - December 3rd

Takumi - December 14th

Asura - December 21st

Pieri - December 24th

Izana - December 29th

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 My life sure has changed since the last time I really used this journal. I no longer live with either of my brothers. Instead I live in an apartment with one of my friends who found a job here after graduating college last May. Work has gone from kind of sucky sometimes to almost breaking down every other day because I hate my boss so much. But no one is allowed to switch from the teams we are on. I've talked to his boss about how he treats me so we will see if things improve. He doesn't talk to me like a teammate. He talks to me like he doesn't respect me. I have finished updating my resume and need to start submitting it to other places. 

In a lot happier news, I went to a convention last November and made a bunch of new friends. One of them lives only a half an hour away from me. We have plans to do a bunch of cosplays together. I went over to her place on Sunday and we got a bunch of work done. Well, she did. I got some work done. But I am able to get things pinned and prepped for being worked on. Or I can work on things that don't require my machine. Such as something that needs yarn instead of fabric. 

I am still working on my very basic sewing skills. It takes me forever to do anything because I am nervous about it. I keep forgetting how much practice I have had with my knitting. It's going to take me a long time to feel good about my sewing skills. But I know the way to do that is to keep moving forward.  My mother toldied me last night that she has a bunch of fabric she no longer wants. I told her I wanted it. Any free fabric will be great to practice on, especially for cosplays. I almost need to make a mock up of everything that I need for a cosplays just to be sure I can do it. That's going to take a lot of fabric, I think. I also had another idea that I think will help me a lot. I have tons of patterns for tops and skirts especially but some pants patterns too. Instead of buying my clothes I'm just going to make them. There will be some things I can't make and I'll still buy them but this may be cheaper in the long run, especially when I can get fabric on sale.

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NaNoWriMo is approaching and will be here in less than a month. I've toyed with the idea of trying it again. My muse hasn't been able to focus on one story or even commit to an opening of any story I start. Maybe NaNoWriMo is the push I need. I have several ideas and I'm not sure if I should try to do just one or multiple stories. These are the ideas I have, with Crimson Shadows being the only non-fanfiction story.

Amid the Falling Snow - Hyoga/OC Fanfiction. Everyone knows that Camus trained Hyoga and Issac. What only a few know is that he had a third student - a girl by the name of Lina. Her talent with the ice surpassed both Hyoga and Issac but Camus would not let her be in line for Cygnus. She was talented with ice but feared her own power. Despite this, she became a sister to them in the same way Hyoga and Issac were brothers. There was a chance for her to be more to Hyoga, the one she was closest to but after Issac died, she vanished. Years later, the Bronze Saints are sent on a recon mission in Russia and Hyoga finds a woman chained and bound in a frozen cell. To his surprise it is Lina.

In the Light of Hope - Takeru/Hikari Fanfiction. No ideas for plot but set in Digimon Tri time. Takeru and Hikari are in high school, the older kids are in college. Note: Yamato and Takeru are 4 years apart in age.

Crimson Shadows - Michael/Cecilia. Cecilia is a spy, known for being too good at what she does. In a different time, a different life she lived in the light. After 12 years, she returns to her hometown under the name of Amber Scorpio. It isn't until she sees Michael Hamilton again that she begins to live again.

Destiny of the Stars - Shaka/OC Fanfiction. Risa was sold to Death Queen Island at the age of 4 and spent her life as a slave. She was always different from the other girls, surrendering to their fate. She believed, stronger than she knew why, that her fate was not to be a slave for all of her life. When the Phoenix rose, she took it as a sign. Her captors had beat her for years for trying to escape. It had been years since her last escape. She knew that perhaps, this time, she would make it. They would chase her but she had a destination this time: Greece and the home of Athena's Saints. There, just maybe, she would find a place to call home.
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 Schoolgirl Kairi - The first cosplay I ever started. I had the idea to make a cosplay of the blue plaid outfit for Kairi for awhile. And then I finally found the fabric. She’s almost done too - I just need to finish the sewing on her skirt & tie and find/make her bag.

Halloweentown Kairi - One of my friends commented/posted a picture of a fanart of Kairi dressed up like she is walking around Halloweentown. I fell in love with it and decided that I would turn it into a cosplay. It’s barely started though, all I have done are the armwarmers. I don’t even have the fabric for the dress.

Zexion - Of the cast of Organization XIII, my top four favorites are Demyx, Axel, Roxas and Zexion. Zexion is the easiest for me to do (and I’m short). He isn’t started yet.

Ravenclaw Wizard - As a lover of cosplay and Harry Potter, I need a Ravenclaw cosplay. Ravenclaw is the house where I am most at home. I’ve bought the yarn to knit myself a House Sweater, Ravenclaw Scarf and Ravenclaw beanie. I will also be buying the fabric to make myself a set of robes. I haven’t started any of it yet.

Elven Ranger - Similar to my idea behind the Ravenclaw cosplay. For the final Hobbit movie, I wanted to wear a Elven cloak. As I thought about what else I wanted to wear, it turned into a cosplay. It will basically be Legolas’ outfit, but I probably won’t craft the elvish ears. Also has not been started.

Human!Glaceon - When I was looking for an easy cosplay to do, one of my friends suggested that I do a human version of Glaceon. I made a pair of fingerless mitts for the first version of it. Recently I edited it from a summer cosplay to a winter cosplay. But I’ll probably go back and do the summer version later. I haven’t started the winter version yet.

Human!Vulpix - Like my idea for a human Glaceon, I had an idea for human Vulpix, one of my favorite pokemon from the original 150. She hasn’t been started yet.

Liechtenstein - During my time obsessing over Hetalia, I was referred to as Liechtenstein or Lili. We were all going to cosplay as our Hetalia counterparts. I never got Lili started past buying her wig.

Iceland - In addition to Liechtenstein, we all had a Nordic counterpart. I was Iceland. I bought the fabric for Iceland’s pants and double tunic. The cosplay I was going to do was Viking Iceland which I found a fanart of. I have Iceland’s wig and boots. I also bought a jacket so I could cosplay normal Iceland. I haven’t worked on him in a couple years.

The only cosplay missing from this list is the only idea I've had for a Saint Seiya cosplay - a female version of the Aquarius Saint Camus.

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 It's almost September and I can't wait! After two years in this hell of a house we are finally getting the hell out of here. Today (Friday since I haven't slept yet) marks two weeks to Moving Day and three weeks to Kitteh Day.

Okay let's back up. Six months ago in February I got a job working at a data analyzing company. This job is the first job I've ever had that has paid me more than minimum wage. Sometimes I miss my job at Joanns but I love the job I have now. It's pretty easy and I enjoy most of the people I work with. All of my bosses are really nice. Some of the boys are cute and that is hard sometimes because I don't really have any way outside of work to meet new people. But. February. I got my job working at Retail Data and my brother started working for Capital One as a contractor. When I started, Retail Data was trying to get a contract from Walmart for a program they were looking to launch. A month later in March we got the contract. That meant we had to hire a ton of new people and train them. In the first set of people hired, one of them was my roommate Andrew.

After a few months, he and I both got hired on by Retail Data. Originally we had started through a temp agency called Office Team. When we got hired by Retail Data our pay went up a little which was nice. Sometimes I do miss getting paid weekly. We, the three of us, can't stand being around Leyna anymore and started looking for a house. I was hoping we would be able to move in April. It took a few months of looking at houses and even walking through a few to find one. One of the problems we needed to solve before we could really get a house was we needed at least a second car. So in May, I bought myself a blue 2005 Honda Civic. I've named her Aqua. The house we're moving into we actually got pretty fast. There's one thing about my car: We were in such a rush to get me a car that we didn't take the time to go to West Broad Honda and look at their used car. We got mine from an auto auction. My brother thought it was a direct sale, not the as is sale it was. That meant there was likely to be problems with it.

Oh yeah there was. I had to fix a head gasket in the engine for the nice sum of $1,450. I had already replaced all the hoses leading to and from the radiator because it was overheating. After the head gasket got fixed it was still overheating. It turns out they had put one piece back incorrectly and it was allowing coolant to get by. Thankfully Honda fixed this for no charge and I got my car back. That was last week. So far, it seems to run like a Civic should now. I am praying there is nothing else. But right after I had paid for the head gasket to be fixed, we signed the lease for the house. I literally had to try and live on $50 for two weeks. I barely managed it. I still owe my parents and brother some money but they have promised me I can pay them back as I can.

We actaually get the keys to the house next Saturday. But we told our landlord we would paint. So we're all going to spend a week doing that. As long as we can get the bedrooms and living room done by the next weekend, it will be okay. I've taken off two days for moving so I will have a solid block of Friday-Tuesday off since I work a four day schedule of Sun, Mon, Wed and Thurs. Anything that needs to be gone through/set up after that can be done on my days off. I know it will take awhile to get the house set up. The week after we move Mom will be coming into town. That is what Kitteh Day is. For the two years I've been here, I haven't been able to have my precious little kitteh with me. Mom's been taking care of her. Justin and I paid the pet deposit and will pay the extra $25 per month so he can have his Fat Dragon and I have my Selena.

Here she is in all of her adorableness:

I absolutely can't wait. There's something else. I found this journal/sticky note organization method. I want to start it come September. I view Halloween/Samhain as the beginning of a new year since I live by the Witch's calendar but September is starting a new chapter of my life. There are a few things I stopped doing after I moved here and I want to get back into them. The first is my worship of the Greek gods and being a good Pagan. I haven't had an alter set up in a long time. The second is journaling. Sure, I'd make a post here and there and mostly about my knitting. I used to regilously update my journal when I had Livejournal. I'm not saying I'm going back to LJ - I just want to talk about my day or what I'm thinking about somewhere. It might be here or in a journal I keep in my purse at all times. Something like that. This is the perfect time to start doing that.

Well. It is 5am and I need to get to sleep. I've probably completely messed my sleep up this weekend. Again. Sigh.
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 My roommate and I have an up and down relationship. We can be fine for awhile and then everything she says will annoy me. But there are always certain subjects she'll talk about that always get under my skin. One of the main ones is how she always talks about how much chocolate I have and how I'm always eating chocolate. Does she not understand the importance of a chocolate stash? If I want chocolate, I'm going to have chocolate god damnit.

I went to have a cheap kit-kat type thing she bought because they're low in calories (but pretty good) and she commented about how I didn't need to eat of them, I had my own chocolate that was similar. The chocolate to which she refers comes from GERMANY. I have to beg one of my knitting friends from across the pond to send me some. Its not like I can go out and buy what I want at the store. Totally a different thing but she doesn't seem to understand it. I also only got this small stash of german chocolate because it was my birthday a couple months ago. I keep it in the fridge only because I might actually cry were it to melt. Otherwise she would have never known about it. I'm just so tired of her getting on my chocolate eating habits, my intake of soda and so much other stuff. She has her own life to manage, leave me to mine.

There's a reason I try to not eat or drink anything that might possibly be hers. We even had this debate about how she was going to take my cigarettes away from me because she thinks I should quit smoking. Yes I should but I fucking paid for them myself. She would bite someone's hand off if they tried to take away one of her bad habits so why the fuck is she doing it to me?
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One of the things I got for my birthday was Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I bought it for myself because I really just needed to have it. I spent a month on the first town I made and the decided that it was really spread out too much and I didn't like it. Plus I had to cross two bridges I had built to get most places in the town. I restarted my town on the 21st but I do time travel a lot because there is only so much you can do in one day. Where it is the 24th here, on my game it is the 28th. That isn't so bad. I stalk the new leaf tag on tumblr a lot and I've seen some pictures of a town with snow.

Starting today, I'm going to post updates both here and on my tumblr about what I've done in animal crossing for the day. 
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My brother and I are both super crafty. In the next year, we're going to make as many things as we possibly can so that we can build up stock. We both plan to list everything we make on our etsy stores but we're also going to get a table in Artist Alley at Anime Mid-Atlantic next year. I'd also really love to do either Katsucon or Nekocon sometime too because they are the winter cons and handknits are a bigger want when it gets cooler. I love wearing my handknits and even I can't wear them most times in the summer.

If there is anything you suggest adding to the list, please let me know!

The Master List
R2D2 Beanie
Empire Scarf
Alliance Scarf


Persona Jack Frost

Harry Potter Years 1-2 House Set (Hat, Fingerless mitts, scarf) 
Harry Potter Years 3-4 House Set (Hat, Fingerless mitts, scarf)
Harry Potter Grey House Set (Hat, fingerless mitts, scarf)
Harry Potter Neckwarmers (Both year types)

Eridan Scarf
Roxy Scarf
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 It's been awhile since I've really used this journal. I miss it. I haven't had a journal that I updated like I did my LJ in years. I think in part I stopped updating because I was used to LJ where I had a bunch of people who might respond to what I said. But a journal is a journal, if other people read it or not. Long ago I was a kid who would keep written journals and did again when I was in high school. It would be kind of nice to keep a written journal again but I'm not somewhere I can do it right now. 

Anyway. Good things are happening.

Yesterday I turned in four applications to possible jobs and have just as many to do online. Of the places I turned them into, the two places that would be my first pick gave me positive responses. The Bath and Body Works manager said that she was making the schedule for interviews for the next week and I should be hearing something within the next week. Eddie Bauer's assistant manager was really happy to see that I had open availability. If I don't hear anything from her within a week I'll call her to check back. I turned one in to Claire's but I'm not sure how happy I'd be about working there. But the manager there said she was full staffed so I don't have to worry about working with kids all day. 

If I can get a non-seasonal job here in Richmond where my brother lives then I can move back here and things will start to happen again. I moved back to mom's because my seasonal job at Jackson Hewitt was over and she promised things would happen like she would teach me how to drive and sew. The sewing only happened because I forced it. And only to the point where I can make simple bags but nothing else. Well, I can follow patterns but stuff like zippers and circular things like a bag for my trindle seem just so complicated to me. Justin does have a sewing machine so he could teach me. He's already started my redone lessons in driving. We were going to do more but his car is throwing fits and we're both worried it is about to die on him. That's something to figure out later today. 

I'm really glad it feels like my life is moving forward again. I spent two and a half months back at mom's and I nearly went insane from the lack of ability to do things on my own, even if I did get a lot of knitting done.
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 I really wish people would stop trying to force me into watching shows I have totally no interest in watching. My brother's been especially bad about it lately. Introducing me to new shows and new games is awesome - IF I'm interested. If I'm not, just leave me the fuck alone. 

I love fairy tales. That's why I started watching Once and fell in love with it.
I'd wanted to watch Fringe for a long time.
Me watching Star Wars was a long time coming. His friends just need to shut the fuck about how bad the prequel is. I want to watch it. 

Right now the show they're trying to force me to watch is Game of Thrones. I'm not at all remotely interested. When its a casual, hey watch this, that's one thing. When it becomes a topic several times of day and I feel forced into it, my interest becomes way less than none. And I just want it to stop. 
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My precious Jae's birthday is today~ ♥ I really want to buy his latest CD, but I can't yet because I just don't have the money for it. There is a part of me that wants to spend the extra money to get the edition that comes with a poster but living in this house, not even my brother has really put stuff on the walls. I would be really sad too, if I put it up and then when I'm able to get an apartment or something, ruin it when trying to take it down. But still, JAE. I especially want the new CD because its Jae's solo CD.

I miss him being with TVXQ sometimes, especially because I haven't kept up with what he's doing. However, what I've read makes me think he's doing well for himself, the same with Junsu and Yoochun which makes me really happy. I'm also glad they stayed together the three of them but have still been able to branch out on their own. My boys. <3

(and yes that is a really old picture of Jae. I haven't gone photo searching of him in years.)

So busy...

Feb. 3rd, 2013 11:42 pm
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So, on my resolutions list, I told myself I was going to get a job this year. Well I did! As it happened, I got the flu and the job at about the same time. So my boss (also my roommate's mother) brought over paperwork for me to sign and fill out. She knew I had the flu pretty bad so it wasn't a super rush for me to get it all done. By the time I did, I was all better except for a cough that has since gone away. My first official day of work was January 25th but I didn't really do much until Tuesday. On Monday both my roommate and I went in but we mostly ended up doing paperwork in the back. It wasn't until Tuesday that I started doing things up front and such. It's not second nature to me yet but it's getting there. The rule of thumb is anytime I don't know an answer, I transfer it to a tax preparer and get them to answer the question because I'm just the receptionist. 

This past week I worked Monday - Friday, usually from 3pm to 9pm. I don't think with any of the jobs I've had, I ever worked 5 days in a row. My roommate helps out her mom with tax season so she took the weekend shift so I could actually have a couple days off. Mom came into town yesterday and brought me more stuff, especially some yarn because I was running out and didn't have some of the yarn I'm used to always having. I swear the hardest thing about work has been not having time to knit like I'm used to. I really need to start getting up by 10 at the latest on the days I work at 3pm to give me some time to knit before work because half the time when I get home I'm too tired to do anything. Twice a week my roommate and I split the shifts and I just know pretty soon she's going to ask me to take the 9am to 3pm shift. That's going to be fun.

January went by so fast that I wasn't able to do much of what I wanted to do. Naturally it didn't help that I got sick but still. I didn't finish writing the chapter a month I was supposed to do or even start reading a book until today. Ah well. Maybe I can double up during February or March. 
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Life Goals
Obtain my license
Get a job
Work on getting a car

I want to say, "Move back to Richmond" and while all my life goals are working towards that, I don't want to be like "YEAH I CAN DO THIS WITH NO CAR" so while that's the ultimate goal, I'm not making it a 2013 goal. If it happens, all the better

12 hats in 2013
12 mitts in 2013
12 socks in 2013
12 amigurumi in 2013
12 scarves in 2013
12 bags in 2013
Work on learning new crochet techniques with the Sky Blanket which is also a blanket square a day

One chapter per month of whatever story I'm working on.
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 I can't stand highschoolers now that I'm past that part of my life and the mindset of it all. I can get past some of them liking the new latest things that I can't stand but honestly, the drama and how important it is? That I'll never be able to understand. Normally on Rav if someone who joins the Cup is in high school, they only show up to chat every now and then. But this girl is always there and if you don't reply to her in a minute or even less than a minute, she asks her question again or asks if you're still there. Seriously? Hasn't she ever heard of multitasking?

And the constant talking of drama is starting to drive me crazy. Like tonight, she talked for a good 5 minutes about her going to the store and seeing some girl getting arrested. Really? Is some girl you don't even know being in trouble that important to you? Ugh... Maybe I'm just being cold hearted about not caring about anything she says but still. The drama is one thing I can't stand and its ruining my chat.
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 They were in the same room and yet, his Aara felt a thousand miles away from him. Ever since they were reborn and became aware of who the other was, Kuronue had hoped they could make a new life together. However Aara was having none of that. She would hardly look at him, barely speaking to him. Her anger was so much easier to deal with than the silent treatment. When she first realized it was him, Aara had been angry, very angry. She'd lashed out at him and he'd taken it without a fight. He deserved as much.

"Forever you said! You liar! You promised! You swore to come back to me! I TOLD you not to go, that there was something wrong! But you didn't listen to me! Of all the times to not listen!" Aara growled and slapped him. 
"No matter what I do or say, I can't take that back now Aara. You and I both know that. But believe me when I tell you that one decision is the one I've regretted for years."
"Years as a human maybe." She growled at him. "You didn't have to live with the aftermath of what you did."

If only... there was something that he could do or say. At this point, he'd do anything. Kurama hadn't been much either. All the older fox had said was that this was something the two of them had to work out on their own. He did, however, explain to Kuronue just how much Aara had suffered in the years after Kuronue's death until one of her enemies had caught up to her. Kurama had gotten there at the very end but didn't step in to save her. She had looked at her brother as she was dying and smiled at him. 'She said to me, I'm going to find him now. I can't live in this world without him.' Kurama had told him. 'My sister hadn't lived for the six years since your death Kuro. Her spirit, the thing you loved most about her died with you.' Kuronue hadn't been able to reply to that because he knew it was true. If their roles had been reversed, he suspected that the same would have happened to him.

When Aara looked up from the book she was reading, Kuronue looked away and tried to act like he was busy cleaning his scythe. What he didn't see was her eyes sadden. She knew he was upset and wanted to fix this. She wanted to fix it but she didn't know how. 18 years in a human life and six years of a demon life without him. It is better to have known love and lost it than to have never loved at all is how the saying goes. She's not sure she agrees anymore. Their love shined so brightly that when it was gone, she had nothing left to give. For 24 years she's been stuck in that same moment, the moment she felt Kuronue die. Even with him right next to her, knowing that it's him, hasn't done anything to erase the constant pain. Her brother has warned her that she needs to be careful to not let her anger waste the time she and Kuronue have together as humans. He's right, he's always right. She knows it. 

And then there's the scythe. Kurama brought two things back to her the night Kuronue died. The pendant he had died trying to keep out of the hands of their enemies and his final scythe. The others he had once had were lost that night. Now he will spend all night and day polishing that thing to perfection. She can't stand the sight of it because it hurts almost as much as if he were forcing it into her heart. She sighed and closed the book she'd been trying to read. It's been two weeks since she realized Kuronue's human identity and ever since, he's always been in her thoughts, haunting her worse than ever before. She looked at the coffee table where a vase of freshly cut roses were arranged nicely. One by one each rose began to turn black and then as if someone had taken the vase and thrown it, it shattered.

"Aara?" Kuronue's attention was on her and this time, she couldn't keep up the ice around her heart. She said nothing but a tear slipped down her cheek. And the another and another until she was sobbing. The next thing she knew he had moved from the chair he was in and was on the couch next to her. He pulled her into his arms and she clung to his shirt.

"Aara, my sweet Aara. Talk to me. Tell me something."
"...It hurts."
"What does?"
"My heart. I... I can't..."
"You're right here next to me but all I can see and feel is that moment. The moment when I lost you forever. I can't get past it."

He had been afraid of this. Kurama had not said but hinted to it. She was locked in that moment, unable to live past it because the pain of losing him had been too much. He didn't say anything at first but held her tighter. When her sobbing had slowed some, he pulled back and kissed her forehead. She looked at him and he smiled slightly, wiping away her tears.

"Aara my love, listen to me. I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere. And you need to remember this now and forever. Forever isn't just until the end of the lifetime we are living now. It is until the end of time. No matter the names we have and the forms we have, we will always find our way back to each other. I love you Aara and that will never change."


Okay, don't laugh. I wrote this while listening to the song SOS from the movie Mamma Mia. There are so many songs I could probably write one-shot Aara/Kuronue fanfics to. I've been tempted to do that actually, make a chaptered fanfic with several one-shots of Aara and Kuronue to the songs that remind me of them. I had this perfect name for the title but I can't remember it now. >_<;;
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Like everyone else, I'm excited for the Hobbit to reach theaters today. However, I won't be seeing it for awhile. I love going to movies but its not something I can't live without and the expense usually keeps me from seeing movies. I waited long enough to see Brave that we (my mother and I) saw it at the dollar theatre. I suspect that won't happen with the Hobbit but we're certainly going to wait awhile so the crowds can die down a bit before we go. 

Apparently my mother heard on the radio that they're supposedly making three movies from the Hobbit. Has anyone heard anything like this/can back it up? I'd be really interested to know.
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 I have about 5 more presents left to make to complete my list of knitted presents. Wait, no. Six. I KEEP FORGETTING QS. I'll be glad when they're all done though. I'm getting tired of knitting for other people, I want to knit for me again! And my advent scarf is terribly neglected... 

The Present List
Finland Bag (Aqua)
Roxas Original DS Bag (QS)
Basic Beanie (Rae)
Gretel (Yas)
Bamboo Gloves (Justin)
Norwegian Star Beanie (Norge)
Crocus Scarf (Finny)
Nottingham (Mum)
Dragonback Socks (Nova)
Paupu (Riku)
Reading Mitts (Kamui)
Ribbed Kneehighs (Leyna)
Moody Stockings (Alli)

I still feel like I'm forgetting someone... Not in the to do but in the already done pile. I didn't actually make anything for- oh yeah. Alli! I mean, her present probably won't get done until after Christmas, just like Leyna's. However, they're still presents. Okay, added. Um. I honestly think that's it this time. I have absolutely no idea what I'd make Dad. He lives in Florida and doesn't wear knitted stuff often because he's usually out in the field playing with snakes or messing with his dogs and knows I'd kill him if what I make him gets messed up.

Still.  6 presents left to go and 12 days left? That's not bad considering I wasn't originally going to do presents for Christmas. Usually I'm happiest making presents for birthdays or whenever I feel like and just giving them.

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Last month I agreed to do a scarf commission for someone on tumblr and for reasons unknown, the scarf is taking me forever to do. Sigh. But at least it’s half done now right? This is really my first tube scarf, because the two other attempts have been given up and frogged.


It’s actually a very nice scarf, so I hope the person likes it even though its taken me awhile longer than I thought it would. I haven’t heard anymore. If he decides he no longer wants it, I don’t know that I’d keep it for myself. It'd probably get listed on etsy for any one who wanted it.


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October 2016

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Important Dates

January 2016
1: New Years Day
1: Portgas D. Ace
8: Labrador aka Profe
12: Capricorn Shura
16: Hikari Yagami
19: Gaara

February 2016
2: Imbolc
4: Haruhi Fujioka
6: Nico Robin
7: Aquarius Camus
17: Kraken Isaac
23: Cygnus Hyoga
28: Mimi Tachikawa
29: Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Honey Sempai)

March 2016
2: Sanji
3: Mikage
10: Pisces Aphrodite
17: St Patrick's Day
20: Ostara
20: Sabo
27: Aries Mu
28: Sakura Haruno

April 2016
1: Usopp
1: Aries Kiki
5: Son Goku
8: Geni
8: Tamaki Suoh
9: Franky
11: Yamato Ishida

May 2016
1: Beltane
5: Selena
5: Takashi Morinouka (Mori Sempai)
5: Monkey D. Luffy
8: Taurus Aldebaran
19: Taichi Yagami
30: Gemini Saga/Kanon

June 2016
1: TdS begins!
9: Hikaru/Kaoru Hitachiin
17-19: Anime Mid Atlantic
21: Litha
24: Cancer Deathmask

July 2016
3: Neji Hyuuga
3: Nami
7: Kiba Inuzuka
8: Jou Kido
10: Suzaku Kururugi
23: Sasuke Uchiha

August 2016
1: Rachel
1: Lammas
1: Original Digidestined defeated Myotismon
2: Tsunade
6: Alli
15: Phoenix Ikki
16: Leo Aiolia
17: Frau aka Zehel
23: Temari

September 2016
9: Andromeda Shun
15: Xandra
15: Kakashi Hatake
19: Virgo Shaka
21: Cho Hakkai
22: Shikamaru Nara
22: Mabon

October 2016
4: Morgan
4: Dragon Shiryu
10: Sora Takenouchi
10: Naruto Uzumaki
15: Hakuren Oak
20: Libra Dohko
31: Samhain

November 2016
4-6: Nekocon
6: Takeru Takaishi
8: Riku
8: Scorpio Milo
9: Sha Gojyo
11: Roronoa Zoro
22: Kyoya Ootori
29: Genjo Sanzo
30: Sagittarius Aiolos

December 2016
1: Teito Klein
1: Pegasus Seiya
5: Lelouch vi Britannia
16: Koushiro Izumi
21: Yule
24: Castor aka Fest
24: Chopper
27: Hinata Hyuuga


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